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This site is an archive of our former website. We left it on the web for general educational purposes.

We're providing an opportunity to take the tour of a funeral home, including the embalming room and crematory. We've provided links to some of the most valuable resources available on the net about our profession, lots of consumer information, and an archivequestions we have been asked.

It is our hope the information we provide will get you to do something about making arrangements in advance or at least finding out what to do.

There's lots of interesting stuff. Come in and look around. We hope we will motivate you to make arrangements in advance of need to spare your family some burden and listed important things under info you need.

Test your knowledge with our consumer awareness quiz. It's fun and can really help you know your rights as a consumer under the FTC Funeral Rule. Our compliance section may surprise you.

Please remember this IS an archive, you can NOT contact a funeral director here. The guest book is closed, it can not be signed.

We want this site to be different, to be helpful and to be interesting. Come in and look around. We hope this site is helpful to you and we thank you for coming here.

We hope you enjoy your stay.........


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