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REMOVAL AMBULANCE (First call car)


This vehicle and the three others pictured are ready 24 hours a day to respond. Note the biohazard sign on the box by the right gurney. That's where the latex gloves go after the remains are placed in the vehicle. Right in front of the gurney is a "crash box" where "body bags", fluid containment powder and other supplies are kept.

Gurneys are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized after each use. They are the same equipment used by paramedics and cost a lot. You can also see the plastic "smooth mover" back boards right under the covers. Each employee who makes removals must be capable of lifting 150 pounds.

Comment: I am always amused (and irritated) when Hollywood casts some wimpy little character to play the funeral director. They wouldn't last two days in our world.
Best casting: Dan Akroyd in "My Girl", the most realistic movie portraying life around a funeral home.



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