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Hearse/Funeral Coach


First, note there's no "T" on the end of the word. When you see one on the street, do you feel drawn to look at it? Is it curiosity, to see if it's empty? Is it a challenge to show you're not afraid? Or are you? Are you one of the ones who look away? Why? See, I cannot relate to these emotions because I'm a third generation funeral director. I see a specialized luxury car, converted into a ceremonial vehicle. I know what it takes to make one and I appreciate the workmanship and beauty of the result. Every funeral home must have one and the charges to the public are remarkably similar whether it's twenty years old or two years old like this one. Our critics often say it doesn't matter. Believe me, it will matter if your mother or father is in one that's disabled at the side of the road on the way to the cemetery. What's a new one cost? $55,000 to $62,000 plus tax, license, etc. (Since GM stopped making rear drive cars, alternative vehicles like Buicks are gone. A builder in Ohio is converting a Ford and Mercury that costs about $10,000 less.)

By the way, these are very limited production vehicles and all of the coach builders are certified by General Motors and Ford Motor Company. Those builders joined together, spent the money and CRASH TESTED (read destroyed) one of these beauties to meet government requirements. Yes, it is important and you would readily agree if your spouse was driving one every day.



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