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We handed the employees some cameras and asked them to take photos for the website...


So they did.

No, Wait, most of our photos are much better than that. It's just that sometimes you get exactly what you ask for. But this picture illustrates what can happen when someone doesn't REALLY understand what is needed to accomplish a goal.

Consumers find themselves in the same situation when it comes to making choices about funerals and cremations. They need more information to make a decision, but may not know the right question to ask. Part of our job is to make sure they don't have to ask the right question. We should anticipate it.

Our little "tour" has been broken down into sections so you won't have to download any large photos if you don't want to. But we think that you will find the comments that accompany the larger photos well worth the download time.

We hope you enjoy our tour.

Arrangement Office Photos [4]     Photos of the Vehicles [4]
Compliance Photos [6]     Receiving Room Photos [5]
Our Building & Location [6]     The Lobby [3]
The Chapel [3]     The Embalming Room [4]
Cremation Products Room [3]     Crematory Photos [3]


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