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View of crematory and safety signs


Another view of the crematory illustrates the roller on the outside. When a cremation container is to be placed inside, a special cardboard roller is placed just past the ledge visible behind the chrome roller. The casket or alternative container then rolls on those to the proper place in the retort.

Please note that the cremation container or casket will virtually fill the interior of the chamber. We chose not to show any container in the unit to prevent any question or concern that we might have violated anyone's privacy.

The main burner jet and resulting flame comes up from behind the ledge and is responsible for performing the cremation. Sensors monitor temperature progress and control the main burner which will cycle on and off as required during the process.

When the cremation is complete, and the temperature cools to an acceptable level, the residue, bone fragments containing basic elements that do not burn (like calcium) will be swept forward into a tray. The final step in the process is pulverizing the fragments into very fine particles which can then be placed into whatever urn or container the family has selected or provided.



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