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Crematory Chamber


This is a picture of an All Crematory Model #1701. This unit was manufactured by All Crematory Corporation in 1992 in Ohio and delivered by truck to Arizona. It was lowered by crane into the building before the roof was put on and weighs about 6 tons.

This unit is certified by Underwriter Laboratories. The operator controls functions of the afterburner and main burners with controls on the side of the unit. Computer chips regulate much of the ongoing function and the digital gauges at the upper left keep the operator current on temperature status and time remaining.

This unit is designed to operate efficiently at about 1100 degrees Farenheit. The State of Arizona requires us to operate this unit at 1800 degrees. It doesn't do any harm, it just wastes natural gas and makes no difference in the time for cremation. How long does it take? Depends on the size of the person we are cremating. Average cremation time is about 180 minutes (3 hours). Most crematories have a weight limit and can not safely cremate human remains over 350 pounds.




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