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Our chapel was designed to accomodate almost any type of funeral service, memorial service or memorial gathering. We've had a Dixieland band, harpist, restored motorcycle and the usual tables full of memorabilia, trinkets and artworks by the decedent. It's wonderful!

When relatives and friends go to the trouble of putting together a "memory board" (we provide them free) full of pictures, they're not just going through motions. They are really participating in a celebration of life. That's what it is all about!

An attorney for the Federal Trade Commission once said that it is neither the duty or right of funeral directors to define the standard of death in America. He was absolutely right! It is up to the public. Funeral service critics take note - The public is doing a fine job of sorting out what they want. Our job is to listen.

Incidentally, there's a PA system (with speakers outside for those overwhelming services with 400 people), a selection of hundreds of songs on CD and a keyboard for those who want "live" music.

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