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Hi, Someone asked in the earlier questions about witnessing as embalming and the reply given was about that certain laws govern the right of keeping that process private to outside people. So my question is because I noticed that the funeral director said family or authorized personnel can witness this practice, is that really exact that if my loved one dies I can with the funeral home O.K. can sit in on the embalming perspective? Also one of the readers asked is their a video of an actual embalming and the answer is yes and it is called unlocking the mysteries of embalming, if you go to www.comm-part.com you can order the video. p.s. thank you for the pictures and the answers to the questions. J.R.
You didn't indicate where you live and I don't know the rules for every state in the U.S. but I'm assuming you are in America, so I will stand be my position. I know of no state that prohibits a member of the family from being present during the embalming procedure. I can't imagine why a funeral director would object to this. There's nothing to hide. So, if it is important to you, just tell the funeral home and they should welcome you.

Now, a special thank you for the information on the embalming video. I've had several requests and now I can tell people where to get it. Thanks, again.



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