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Hello! I have an associates degree in Criminal Justice and a Bachelors degree in education. I have taught in the classroom for 8 years and, even though I love it, I am ready to move on with my life. I am comfortable with death and the entire process that it involves and have even dressed and applied make up to the bodies of my sister and my stepmother. My family knows that they can depend on me for these types of duties. I have always viewed this as a gift and a blessing because we all need people who can tend to and take care of these things. I live in Longview, Texas and I would like to know how to begin to get the education that I need to be a funeral director or an embalmer in Texas. Can you give me any information of the requirements and licensing procedures? Thank you---Tammy W.
Hi, Sorry for the delay, but, I've been travelling and am answering from the road. There are several mortuary science programs in Texas; Dallas Institute in Dallas, Commonwealth College of Mortuary Science in Houston, San Antonio Community College has a program and a fairly new one in El Paso. All of these programs are ABFSE accredited which means that upon graduation you will be eligible for licensure as an embalmer AND funeral director. There is a separate license program for just a funeral director, but I would suggest getting both licenses.



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