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Thank you for an informative and helpful site. My husband and I are both professional counselors who would like to start our own funeral business. I will be returning (hopefully) to school next fall to pursue a degree in mortuary or funeral services. I am curious about the start up cost of a funeral home and whether there are many partnerships in this line of work. We are not too interested in working for someone else at this time in our lives. We are not afraid of getting a business loan but are wondering if it is manageable without getting into too much debt. By the way, my father is a mortician for a branch of the military and will retire (again) soon. I have always had such respect for the profession and the people who take care of those we care about and love. Thank you in advance.
One of the problems for start-ups in funeral service is their enormous expense for a traditional funeral home balanced against the long wait for return. Store-front and other low end funeral operations have lower startup costs but cannot attract the traditional business that makes the best contribution to return on investment.

The actual costs depend on the part of the country and some other factors. One of the biggest factors is who your competitors will be. A good friend of ours opened a funeral home in Idaho and has done very well against entrenched competition who happened to be owned by large corporate funeral companies. It would have been much tougher against the same companies if they had still been locally owned and active in the community.

It is almost impossible to get good loans for start-up funeral homes and partnerships are fraught with hazards. Contact me directly for some names on people who can help you.



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