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First let me say your site is wonderful. Now my question. My 9 month old daughter died July 1, 2001 from liver failure. She was born with gastroschisis and was totally TPN dependent, thus the liver disease. She had a central line, ostomy, and g-tube. My question is what do you usually do with holes like that? Would you use the CVL to embalm her? I am just curious. I was very strict about her medical care and took care of her pretty much exclusively. I wanted to ask the funeral home but didn't want them to think I was crazy. Thank you for your time.
First of all, you are not crazy and should be able to ask the funeral home any question about their care of your loved one. The kind of openings you describe would not generally be used by an embalmer. Such incisions would be closed with a suture or perhapes a trocar button and embalming would be performed using the normal arteries. The reason an embalmer would avoid unusual injection points is that he/she would know the results to be expected from using carotid or femoral injection points but would not necessarily know what would happen using other sites. If anything went wrong the embalmer could be liable for deviating from established procedures.



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