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i recently turned 50 y.o. i have realized just within the last few years that i have a void within my very existence because i followed other peoples' agenda for my own life's fulfillment. i genuinely feel i have thus far wasted a natural talent for contributing to what i perceive as the ultimate tribute to a human soul who has passed on, i.e., the overwhelming privilege of being involved in the final burial preparation of one of God's own children. the mere thought of the satisfaction one must feel to be intimately involved in the knowledge of the human soul's next journey toward their final resting place and becoming one with God brings sincere tears of joy to my eyes. bottom line (sorry it took me awhile to get to it): taking into consideration the education required and my high level of desire to do this, do you believe i am too old at this point in my life to endeavor to become (at least in some capacity) a provider of mortuary services? my health is not 100% (diabetes), but my will is! thank you in advance for your honesty. God bless.
Sorry for the delay. The entire family took a much needed vacation on a houseboat at Lake Powell which started on September 11. . . .Yeah, it was a wonderful time. I'm trying to catch up now. To your question. Some of the most effective, competent, helpful and dedicated funeral directors are second career people. You don't necessarily have to be able to lift a lot of weight, you need to be able to bear the weight, of others.

I don't know the limitations of your diabetes, but I can assure you that it should not be a problem for you academically. There are plenty of jobs available for people like you.

There is a tremendous satisfaction from helping people through one of the worst experiences of their life. Yes, reverent care of the dead is important, but the living really need our help. If I can be of any assistance, please contact me directly and I'll see if I can do anything to get you connected to a funeral home AND help locate a college that you will like. GO FOR IT!



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