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I was told a while back, when I was in high school,that when they bring a body into the funeral home that the body is scrubbed,is that true and what do you use? Also, someone once told be that they heard of a person that died and once they died that there skin Bubbled up. What would cause that? I think your site is wonderful. Thank you for answering my question.
Well here is one tale from the high school crypt that is somewhat accurate; to wit, yes remains are thoroughly washed as part of the care process in a good funeral home. They are not, however, "scrubbed" which implies some very hard and unnecessary activity. Washing with a disinfectant soap is just good sanitary procedure.

As to your second question: I have no idea what would cause skin to "bubble up". It is certainly not a normal condition that results from death. There are conditions which can develop over a period of days which could cause problems that would result in a blistering of skin, notably skin slip, which occurs when decomposition causes the breakdown of tissue. One other condition is a bacterial condition called clostridium perfringens or tissue gas which also causes a blistering effect. The condition in a live person is called gas gangrene and was a fairly common battlefield injury. Hope this answers your questions.



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