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How long does it take for an average person in a mortuary program to become 'comfortable' around dead bodies? I am graduating from Cal State with a degree in business, and am very interested in applying my undergraduate work in your profession. However, I fear that I won't ever be comfortable around the dead, which would obviously affect my success. In Kentucky, where I am from, funeral directors are very well respected, and I hope to command their respect some day too. Thank you for your time.
Your question is difficult because of the subjective nature of the impressions involved by the interpretor. I've never had any problem being around dead people, probably because I don't have any problem being around live people. I simply don't see any difference. These are not objects, they are people and should be treated with respect. Perhaps it would help if you could get some type of work around a funeral home which would at least get you used to the surroundings. It is only fair to point out that some people never become comfortable in the funeral home or encountering human remains. Good luck.



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