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Do AIDS patients suffer tremendously before death and are you fearful of catching it when embalming an AIDS patient? What really is horrifying is small cell lung cancer! I saw a picture of soeone who had it and God Bless his soul. His head was 3 times bigger than his body! Could you still have an open casket for such cases?
The HIV virus creates many different responses in patients affected with the disease, some of them extremely painful for a long period of time, others, less so. We have no more concern about our safety when embalming an aids (HIV) case than any other BECAUSE we practice a procedure known throughout the health care and death care service sectors as "universal precautions". Universal precautions means using safe practices when handling all remains from barrier gloves on removals to full protective gear during embalmings and any other handling of remains. Other diseases are just as deadly to embalmers as HIV so if you use universal precautions at all times you can greatly minimize the danger.

I cannot comment on what cases may interfere with an open casket viewing without knowing more about the situation. There are times when specific illnesses can affect the remains to the extent that an open casket is not possible, but they are fairly infrequent.



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