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Can you please explain what is tissue gas and what is done to retard or prevent this if there is such a thing? Thanks. -RV
There is definitely "such a thing". The technical term is Clostridium perfringens, known as tissue gas in dead bodies, but more widely known as "GAS GANGRENE" in live humans. It is a spore forming anaerobic bacteria, commonly found in deep wounds, often from battlefield injuries. It is very difficult to treat and the best way to do it is in a hyperbaric chamber, because anaerobic bacteria cannot live in the presence of oxygen. Now think about what happens to human remains. No oxygen! Once it gets started it continues to consume tissue. There are chemicals which will arrest its spread, but it is virtually impossible to stop completely and it can not be turned around. That's why clean instruments are so important in autopsy suites and embalming rooms. Because it is a spore former bacteria it can live a long time. Sanitation is the key to eliminating its environment - air, which contains oxygen, water (H2O) which contains oxygen, you get the idea. If you need more information......



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