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How deep are graves generally dug (in California at least). I have heard that they are sometimes dug as shallow as to allow 18 inches above the outer burial container, to as deep as six feet. Is the six feet really nesescary any more with outer burial containers and such to prevent the access to the remains by animals.
States have varied requirements for the depth of graves. Some have no statutes or regulations. California requires a covering of 18 inches of soil over the top of the casket. Texas, for instance, requires 18 inches from the top of the vault to the surface and 24 inches if there is no vault and a casket is buried. For many years there was a common expression or expectancy that graves would be six feet deep, hence the term, and a TV show, "six feet under". It was, in fact, just an expression. I suspect that graves were always dug to a practical depth that allowed the gravediggers to get out.



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