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Hi. I have a few questions. My grandmother passed away about a month ago and she was dead for 5 days before he showing. Hey fingers looked much longer than normal. What causes that. And also, she had a little slit (like a small 1 in cut) underneath hey right eye. What was that for? And also I was wondering what they do with the teehth? Leave them in? And do they really wire their mouth shut? Ok, one more. I know you put like make-up and stuff on them.. but are their feet like black and blue. Like if I looked under the other half of the body would it be like blue and black?? Please reply. I was just wondering! Thanks alot! :)
Your grandmother's fingers would not have been altered in any way to become longer; they may have appeared longer for some reason, like the dress or sleeves, but I assure you that the physical length of her fingers did not change. I have absolutely no idea why there would appear to be a "cut" under her eye. There would be not reason for such an incision that I can imagine. If families bring us dentures we put them in. It usually creates a more normal appearance. If the person has their own teeth they are left in. There are several ways to close the mouth to achieve a normal appearance. One of the ways uses a needle injection system, the other common one simply ties the mouth closed. The embalming process creates a fairly normal appearance for all tissue reached by the fluid, including the legs and feet. Arterial embalming usually will clear most discoloration throughout the body, IF there is any so there would not be significant areas that would be discolored.



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