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is there a history of any fd of haveing a body that has been declared dead and brought into the prep room only to find that the person is still alive?
Over the years there have been incidents reported in the press of this happening. However, it is VERY rare and has almost disappeared in recent years because of the extensive use of monitors and other devices which monitor vital signs. >p> Please remember that most deaths have trained medical personnel around, even home deaths under hospice care require that a nurse go to the scene to "pronounce" death. Many jurisdictions make these cases coroner's cases to ensure that the person is pronounced dead. Ther are far fewer ways for this sort of thing to happen today than in years past.

I don't want to get in real trouble here, but, one of the responsibilities of the funeral director making the removal is to make sure the person is dead. This burden is intensified in areas where residence deaths are not "pronounced" by medical personnel. It only takes a minute as you are surveying the scene or beginning to "wrap" the body in a sheet for removal to check for a pulse or check for reflexive pupils. No conscientious funeral director wants to take a body from a home or health care facility that is still alive. It's never happened to me and I hope it never does. I just always check.



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