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Thank you for your informative and very user-friendly web site. I think it is a rarity. My question is whether it would be possible to place dentures in a body after embalmment or would embalming the body make the jaw rigid and unable to open? If you're wondering about the question, I am a writer in the middle of a story and need to know if this is plausible or not. I mean no disrespect and think you are providing a wonderful service.
There are two things which would make it virtually impossible to place dentures post embalming. First, the mandibular areas must be held together in some way to avoid the mouth from remaining open. That means the lower jaw is tied by sutures or held closed by a wire device. Second, once embalming is completed, the features are "set" too firmly to permit opening of the jaw without some serious problems. Hope this helps. . . . . .



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