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My father passed away on July 2, 1982 and he was full of fluid when he died. His caket linens were wet so I asked the funeral politely if he could change them. Is it hard to get rid of fluid from the body after death?
It is very hard to eliminate excess fluids from people who have died. Many diseases affect organs which process fluids, shutting them down many days or weeks before death occurs, allowing for tremendous buildup of fluids. On top of that, the only way to get many drugs into the system is with intravenous solutions which just ADDS MORE FLUID. I just finished my CEUs which included a session on edema, the entire session focusing on HOW to manage this problem.

I don't want to be critical, but the problem you describe sounds like one the FD should have spotted. You should not have been required to bring this to their attention. It happens, though, and it has happened to me with small leaks or purge, but I can count the instances on one hand over 25 years, so I can't comment on the problem much beyond that.

Oh, by the way, I should mention that the way we get embalming fluid into the body is by mixing it with water. The course I was taking focused on how to limit the amount of water with the fluid and some other things. It is a very serious problem for the embalmer, one of the worst.



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