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There are names for people, pets, planes, and trains, and CASKETS too! The Patriot, Misty Rose. Why don't funeral directors tell us this? Also, they do not mention the adjustable bedding system? My mother died in 1996 and I wanted to see her to be with her in person because I wanted to be alone with her to say goodbye. I never knew we could do this until I reached your site! GOD BLESS YOU for helping so many people! If I lived in Bullhead City, you would be the funeral home for me!
We always identify caskets on our price lists and the caskets on display by names. The Federal Trade Commission requires a system which allows consumers to identify the casket on the Casket Price List with the one they're looking at and the easiest way is to use names. The funeral director can use the name the manufacturer uses or pick another one. Batesville, York and Aurora all name caskets, in addition to model and shell numbers. When we call to order a casket we tell the nice lady at the 800 number we need a "Q83 Primrose" or a "Carver".

The adjustable bed system in caskets raises an interesting issue that goes to the heart of what we do. The adjustable bed is very helpful in positioning a body in the casket, but is primarily for the convenience of the funeral director. It sounds silly to many people who cannot understand its usefulness. So, we don't mention it to consumers generally. As an aside, I once worked with a FD who had taken an engineer whose wife had died into the selection room. As Lyn pointed out the caskets by type (steel, polished wood, etc.) he mentioned the adjustable bed. The widowed man, with a 9 year old holding his hand, stopped, looked at Lyn with absolute sincerity and asked, "Is that important?" It may be important to some people, but to others it's extraneous information. I only bring it up if someone asks questions about construction or features. I don't think they're trying to hide anything.

What really bothers me is that you didn't get to spend time you wanted with your mother. Glad we could help, though. Come back again. And if you're ever in Laughlin or Bullhead City, stop in for coffee.



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