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I have heard that sometimes cemetary personnel will open caskets and remove jewlery and other valubles from the deceased person. Have you heard of this being done? I heard this from a guy at work who used to be a county worker and dealt with cemetary personnel on occasion, who told him they often remove valubles from the deceased. I don't know if there is any truth to this, and find it rather despicable that they would do this, let alone tell about it.
This is one of those "urban/rural legends" which could have a grain of truth IF the funeral director is not doing his/her job! One of the duties of the funeral director supervising the interment is to stay until the vault is sealed or the grave is closed. No exceptions!

One of the reasons to discount some of these reports is the large number of "sealer" type caskets which require a key to open and close. Another factor is that there is often someone watching so I would think it is a pretty risky and definitely despicable thing to do.

I suppose it could happen, but it would definitely be based on opportunity. The funeral director and family can keep that opportunity from arising.

One more thing; cemetery workers wouldn't usually know if there WAS any jewelry or valuables. Caskets are seldom opened in the cemetery in the U.S. and such blackards would have to have a way of knowing what was in the casket. Good question!



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