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hello, i am very glad i came upon your site. i am dying of a terminal illness and do not have insurance nor the funds for a proper burial. my family do but they have not spoken to me since i told them about my lifestyle and do not want them to have anything to do with my body after my death. i have lost most everyone important to me within the last 2 years from the same disease i have and i do not think a service of any kind would be suitable for me. this may sound strange, but do you know anything about donating a body to science? i truly think this is what i am going to do but do not know anything about how to do this. i am sure that since you are in the business of funerals the idea of not having one is strange, but i cannot get the idea out of my head. i will never rest in peace if my family got their way and pretended they were supportive of me while i was alive, i know my mom would use the occasion of my funeral as a social activity for her pity . thank you and sorry if my question is an odd one.please do not use my email address if this is going to be posted on your site. thank you,
First, we do not publish people's email addresses and the system is designed to keep them private. Next, the cornerstone of our philosophy of funeral service is serving everyone without regard to OUR feelings. Lots of people don't want any type of service. That is perfectly OK and I am bound to respect their wishes and not interpose my beliefs.

Now to your main question: Without knowing where you are I cannot advise you of body donation since there are so many agencies in different areas of the country. In Arizona we have a number of programs (most tied to a university) to accept willed bodies. Most social service agencies will have information on this topic and virtually any university with a medical school can provide information. I hope this information is some help. If you contact me directly with a location I would have a better chance of hooking you up with the right agency.



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