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Hello and thank you for your prompt response to my previous questions. I have Tourette Disorder, and occasionaly twitch or make a faint grunting sound and it can look odd or to some even scary. This could be a problem as I plan to go into the funeral industry as a Funeral Director/Embalmer. I was wondering if you thought this would be a problem for me to go into this industry. I have also been talking to a funeral director whom I job shaddowed a few weeks ago, and he said that he has been talking to the manager of the funeral home he works for, and that he might be able to get me some sort of internship, and that what I would be assisting with is wake's, transfers (first calls), and viewings. I was wondering what a wake was, and what it would entail. Thank you again for your prompt response(s) to my previous questions.
A wake is another term for viewing or visitation. It is the time when friends call at the funeral home to view the deceased and visit with the family. It entails greeting the public, getting them to the right room and assisting with questions about the time of services, what to do if they are pallbearers. In short, extensive interaction with the public. From your earlier explanation of the disorder you might find it difficult to handle the lifting requirements encountered in making removals of remains from various locations. Our requirements for removal personnel list the ability to lift 150 pounds as a minimum requirement for employment under that description. You may find it dificult to work with the public and be more comfortable specializing in the technical (preparation and embalming) part of the business in a funeral home which separates those activities. I am sure that you are aware that the Americans with Disabilities Act prohibits discrimination against people with a variety of conditions and requires employers to make reasonable accomodations. One of the goals of the ADA is to open doors for people with disabilities and not to shield the public from having to "see" people with disabilities. However, an employer would not be required to hire someone who can not fulfill job functions. You sound like a very sensitive person and should probably ask yourself if your condition would make it even more difficult for people, already under the stress of a death in the family, to cope with someone who could appear "scary", your words, not mine.

I honestly don't know if you can function in all areas of funeral service. Perhaps a more professional evaluation and some thoughtful advice from your physician would help. Funeral service CAN be quite stressful and people in crisis can be quite demanding and occasionally unreasonable. You might find it intensely stressful which could exacerbate your condition. I hope this helps.



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