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My father died of a heart attack at age 50, eleven years ago. I was 15 at the time, so my perceptions may have been off, or I was being protected. I asked the funeral director what clothes we should bring. He told me to bring everything except shoes, that the feet swell at death and they cannot wear shoes. Could this be factor? I have since had an image in my head of people up in heaven running around in their socks.
Now, that is an interesting story. Yes, occasionally lower extremities swell after death, but, not every time. We often put shoes on people. We tell families that shoes are not "necessary, but if you bring them we will put them on." I have, at times, had to tell a family that we could not put the shoes on because of swelling, the condition is called edema and is caused by lots of things. What is really difficult to get on a dead person is cowboy boots. I tell people who want boots on that we will almost certainly have to cut them, since the decedent cannot "arch" their foot to get the boots on.

I am glad to hear that the funeral director communicated with you even if it did create the "socks" thing. I was more concerned about all the people running around with their clothes cut down the back. Take care and stop by again.



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