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Hello again, I am contacting you to find out if there are any more mortuary science colleges in the US Texas and westward, that you would reccomend. I am interested in coming into the funeral professions and would like to consider all of my options for education in this field. I don't want to go into the business for the money, but do want to own my own funeral home eventually. Thank you for your prompt and courteous response to my last question. I still do plan to go to SFCMS (American River College), once I graduate from high school. Thank you, Demetri Nikolakakis
I can't guarantee my somewhat older memory anymore, but, there are private mortuary colleges in Houston and Dallas, as well as community college programs in San Antonio and El Paso, I believe. There are new programs in community colleges in Denver (Arapaho Community College) and Phoenix (Mesa Community College), an outstanding program at Cypress College in Southern California and one in Portland at Hood Community College.

Please understand that the new programs are being started in community colleges where there are usually good science programs already existing, including a nursing program. The mortuary science programs are a natural fit since those institutions are already teaching many of the classes that are in the mortuary curriculum, to wit, chemistry, pathology, microbiology and anatomy in the sciences, as well as psychology, sociology and other behavioral science classes that fit a number of disciplines.

Since they don't specialize in mortuary science and often teach parts of the program with other classes on campus in other departments, ie., Business Law, there can be conflicts which make the course last longer than the old programs which were single purpose, directed only to mortuary students. The chief drawback - the single purpose programs cost more, but often take less time.

Your guidance counsellor should be able to give you a list of all 44? mortuary science programs in the United States. Thank you for your nice comments, contact me again if I can help...



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