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One more question, if you don't mind. I can see you've addressed different questions concerning translation of remains from one location to another. My question is similar only with a slight difference. My religious community (I am a priest and member of a religious order)is acquiring an extensive amount of land. The Abbey will be constructing a fairly large gothic church with crypt beneath the Church. My mother was a very strong supporter of our ministry and work and the request/invitation was made that my family and I consider a request to have my mother's remains transferred to the crypt which will be beneath the Abbey church. There are no objections from my siblings as they know our mother would have been honored by this and that she would approve. I realize that California law may be different from Arizona law, but do you foresee any problems particularly in obtaining a court order to allow disinterment and transfer of my mother's remains to the Abbey Church given that there are no objections from my siblings? When we considered transferring my grandmother's remains from St. Charles cemetary in Long Island to the New Camden Cemetary in New Jersey, I was told that in addition to a court order we would need to coordinate this through a funeral director as the director would have to arrange - after obtaining the court order - for exhumation, transporting to the new cemetary and interment. Summing up... 1. Would the court - in your opinion - be more accommodating of the request given the intent for the final resting place and the existing agreement from my siblings? 2. Not to discount the capabilities of any Funeral director, would you foresee the cost to be (as someone speculated) the same (if not more) than my mother's funeral (the mortuary costs alone were nearly 6000.00). 3. I'm told we would need to buy a new vault that 'seals' and that we would not be able to use the concrete vault that her casket was placed in. Thanks again.
I hope I'm not reading too much data from your description, but wonder if you could be with the order at Vallermo, near Palmdale, California? We have close friends who were involved at the Abbey for many years at the annual festival. If that is the case, it sounds like you would be moving the remains from a point in Los Angeles County to another point in the same county. In California, you don't need a court order to disinter and reinter, just a permit from the Health Department. It costs $7.00 and can be obtained by the funeral director who makes the transfer. The cemetery where she is buried will probably require the signatures of all of her children, which you indicate is "no problem".

It should not cost $6,000 to do this transfer if I am right about the location. Should be a fraction of that. Call me and I can probably hook you up with someone who can handle it for you.

Number 3 is a little tricky. If the disinterment goes right, you get a little lucky, it is possible to move the entire vault with the casketed remains intact in the vault. You haven't told me how the interments would be done under the Abbey, but it is likely that the casket would need to be removed from the vault if you are actually installing mausoleum type crypts there. I need some more data before I can answer that part of your question. In other words, you might not need a new vault if the crypts will be "in place". Can you get back with me on that? Give me a call.



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