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Hello, I am currently doing a report for a job shadowing project I did with my physiology class, and part of the report is doing a vocational abstract. I chose to shaddow a funeral director, in Martinez California, at Connolly and Taylor Funeral Directors. My question is what could one expect to make (money wise) starting out in your profession? I thank you for your prompt response, and hope to enter your profession after I graduate from high school, I wanted to go to the San Francisco College of Mortuary Science, but found out that it is moving to American River College, so I will go there. Thanks, Demetri Nikolakakis
I am not current on the salary structures for Northern California. A good rule of thumb is that pay ranks somewhere in the range of starting pay for teachers. If you call Mary Kauk at San Francisco College of Mortuary Science she can probably give you some pretty good statistics on current salaries. The number is (415)824- 1303. Glad to see that you are interested. We (the Board of Trustees at SFCMS) feel very good about the impending change in location and believe it will enhance and improve the mortuary program and certainly cost you less. Good luck!



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