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Your site is excellent. I'm trying to process the grief over the death of my mother and your site is providing many answers that the Director who handled my mother's funeral did not/would not. My mother reposed on Easter Sunday, (4/15/01). When her remains were picked up from the hospital, the individuals who came to the hospital did not ask permission for embalming. We live in Lancaster, CA and my prior experience when my father passed was that my mother was asked to sign a form authorizing embalming. This was not the case when my mother passed. Although it is now after the fact, should permission have been given prior to the embalming being done? I'll ask the next question separately as requested on your site. Thank you for your time and this tremendously helpful forum that you provide. Fr. Michael
There are TWO separate requirements which require prior approval for embalming in this case. One, the federal rule implemented by the Federal Trade Commission AND a separate requirement under California law which was in place long before there was a federal rule. There are some unique circumstances which permit funeral homes to embalm without authorization but I doubt that any of them apply here.

I can not imagine that any of the funeral homes in the Lancaster area do not have refrigeration. So, your mother's body could certainly have been held until contact with you was established and authorization obtained. This is one of the most serious requirements of the rules regulating funeral homes AND one of the main reasons for the rule. The general price list and the Statement of Goods and Services should both contain language stating that you do not have to pay for embalming you did not authorize.

I realize that you may have wanted embalming for any number of reasons, but, funeral homes are REQUIRED to get permission and it can be verbal. It is so simple, why not just do it right?



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