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I have a very immaculate funeral coach that I am very proud of. It is a 1970 S&S Victoria on a Cadillac chassis with very low miles. I spoke with a funeral director about potential work e.g. transporting bodies to desired locations or funerals. Is there a market for this sort of service and if so, who could I contact?
I doubt that many funeral establishments would be interested in using a 31 year old vehicle to transport remains. The families arranging funerals expect the hearse they are paying for to be a reasonably late model vehicle. There's probably some eccentric funeral directors who wouldn't care and maybe some families, too. I think we're talking about a real minority here. The car sounds like a fun thing to drive around in and S & S was a very soundly built professional car. During that era, S & S was owned by Hess & Eisenhardt which built the presidential limousines.



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