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hello, my question is regarding the embalming process,is the embaler also the person who does the make up on the deceased or do you have a cosmotologist do the hair and make up? thank you
The answer to this is as varied as the individuals employed in funeral homes across the country. Some embalmers are great at doing hair and cosmetics, others less so. We have a licensed cosmetologist on staff who usually does ladies hair, but the embalmer does the makeup. Sometimes the family sends the woman's regular hairdresser. Location makes a big difference. It is quite common for embalmers to do hair in the West, less so in smaller eastern communities where the woman likely had a regular appointment with the hairdresser. Personally, I prefer the family send the hairdresser. It is often inconvenient for us, but the family will be more satisfied since Mom will look EXACTLY the way they want. Hope this answers your question.



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