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My 15 year old nephew is dying from cancer. He will likely pass away very soon. How long after the death does the funeral home usually embalm? How will the body REALLY look after a battle with cancer? Thanks
If the family authorizes the funeral home to embalm ( a requirement under the Federal Trade Commission Funeral Rule and many state laws) they should perform this task within several hours of receiving the remains from the place of death. The tough part of your question is what he will really look like and no one has the answer to that one. I don't know where you are located but it wouldn't hurt to ask other relatives and friends who have attended funerals about the quality of the work done by various funeral homes. In smaller areas, folks will tell you if Blifsmarkers don't seem to do a very good job. Ask local clergy; they go to funerals, they see bodies. Beyond that, I can't tell you. A strong determining factor is the kind of treatments that have been administered. Try a baseball cap if chemotherapy or radiation has caused hair loss. And, have the family pick a favorite object to place in his hands, souvenir baseball, etc. Have the whole family make up a picture board with lots of photos to place near the casket. Most funeral homes have these now with an easel. These simple things tend to distract and allow people attending to fix their eyes on hands, the photos AND have something to talk about. Let the funeral directors do their best, have two family members go in before visitation time and rely on their judgment if the casket should be open for the public or just family. I hate these kind of questions. I would like to be able to give a real answer, but, there isn't one. I hope this helps a little....



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