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I have always been interested as to why the top of casket lids only open on the left side. Are there caskets that do have the top open from the right side? I live in Michigan and I have never seen one or know if they exist. I would think that if they are not manufactured, perhaps they should be in cases involving disfigurement on the right side of the face whether natural or as a result of a trauma/accident or perhaps by choice of the family.
Gosh, I hate this answer, but, that's the way they have always made them. Most areas of the United States are accustomed to "half couch" or another name, "perfection cut" style caskets. Full couch caskets, where the entire top is one piece and finished completely, are the norm in areas like the Middle Atlantic states, especially Pennsylvania and parts of Ohio. Most manufacturers do actually make a few full couch caskets and offer them in areas where they are not usually sold to accomodate expatriates from Pennsylvania and other areas where they are used. Batesville Casket Company and York Products stock at least one or two full couch caskets in each of their regional warehouses.

I have indeed had situations where it would have been much better to place the body in the casket reversed so the left side would be viewed and in one case we acually took the interior from the head panel, placed it in the "foot" panel and attached the parts that fold out of the casket to accomplish just that. It worked, but we didn't like it and people who attended the funeral thought it was wierd. They were used to the left side being open.



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