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Well,My grandfather died this past October.It has been very hard for me and my family to fully get over it because in his casket they parted his hair on the wrong side,put way toomuch makeup on him ,and made his mouth look like he was wearing a mouth piece.When I saw his body I started crying because he did not look like the way he used to look.I was wondering what morticians use as reference to see how the person really looked , and I was thinking the way he looked may be because he died on a Sunday and we had the funeral on Friday.How much in advance do the morticians embalm teh bodies before the funeral? Thanks for answering please e-mail me an answer soon Thanks again!!!
It is very kind of you to make excuses for the quality of the preparation performed by the firm who handled your grandfather's funeral. As always, I am handicapped by having only partial information, but it sounds like they simply didn't do a very good job. The reference point for setting features is THE PERSON. A qualified embalmer should be able to set features to look normal. There is a device called a mouth former which is used to make the mouth look normal and "sometimes" it works better than putting the person's dentures in. Usually funeral homes embalm remains as soon as they have authorization from the family or very soon after they bring the body into the facility. You just get better results.

The tip off for me is your opening remark. If they parted his hair on the wrong side and used too much make-up (a common complaint) it just sounds like a somewhat careless operation. Perhaps you should think about using a different funeral home next time. I think you are being way too kind to people who just might not care, particularly if noone responded to any requests you may have made to remedy the problems. Fixing the mouth could be hard, but re-cosmetizing and fixing the part are pretty quick fixes.



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