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Hello... Your site is quite an interesting resource... One quick question--- How is an embalmed body stored? Does it require refrigeration as well? I always wondered if funeral directors have to remove the body from the casket between viewings (overnight), or if the whole casket with the body is placed into refrigeration... Thanks for you answer! :)
I'm answering your questions in reverse order because it works out well that way. Once embalmed, remains stay in the casket until the service right in the viewing room or chapel, sometimes even in a church overnight. I've been doing some consulting work in the Southeastern United States the past two weeks where bodies are frequently taken (or as they say, "carried") to the person's church for viewing where it stays until the service and burial, usually right in the church cemetery. The only time we put a casketed remains back in refrigeration is if it is NOT embalmed. Remember, embalming fluid works by molecules attaching and chemically altering, read preserving, the proteins in cells, thereby arresting the chemical reaction of decomposition so refrigeration is not required in most cases. You ask very good questions. Thank you.



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