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My father died of cancer this summer, and was very thin. How did the mortician tuck up the extra skin on his face?, and it seemed they puffed up his chest, how would they do this?
I would have no way of knowing what an individual embalmer would do with the situation you describe. The most logical explanation is that when the embalming was performed some of the dehydration often present in cancer victims was eliminated by the fluids selected. This would tend to fill out the face and eliminated the drawn look which often accompanies a death from this disease. I can not even hazard a guess as to how his chest would have been affected.

These kinds of questions are the most difficult because I was not present and can't even be sure if the appearance you describe wasn't the result of how he was placed in the casket. I'm sorry I can't be of more help. I just have no way of knowing.



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