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My mother in law is near death. Would it be proper to contact a mortuary prior to the death? WE would like a viewing, this of course requires that the body be embalmed. Can you explain how soon following the death this would occur.
It is not only proper to contact a funeral home prior to the death, but a very good idea. You can get price information, provide the vital statistics for the death certificate and they should be able to help you with some other decisions.

In addition, during your conference prior to her death, you can explain your desire for embalming and sign the authorization. That way, as soon as the death occurs and the funeral home responds to the scene and returns to the funeral home they can begin the embalming. So, I have also answered your other question. Embalming can be done immediately if there is authorization. Otherwise, they have to wait until there is contact with the family which could delay things for hours.

I don't know where you live, or if you have already selected a funeral director. Either way, I think it is just a very good idea to meet with the funeral director so they have a "heads up" on exactly what you want.

I'm sorry you have to face this, but it sounds like you are really using your head. So, go ahead and call. . . .



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