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What do the major religions think about cremation? Is it considered a sin?
Well, this is now my third attempt to answer your question. Every time I ended up in a rambling dissertation about different churches views as I believe they exist. My wife wandered in and pointed out that I am completely unqualified to answer your question, especially the sin part.

Part of the curriculum developed (and required) by the American Board of Funeral Service Education involves training in various funeral rites for many religions and I clearly can't deal with all of them here. Suffice to say, Protestant denominations generally do not prohibit the practice, the Roman Catholic Church permits the practice but encourages appropriate rites first, most Buddhist and Hindu sects actually encourage cremation, the Islamic faith encourages burial, Judaism does not prohibit cremation, but most Jews prefer to bury their dead and many Christian Orthodox sects still prefer burial.

That's the best I can do for a thumbnail sketch version of Dimond's History of the World's Religions. My wife actually threatened me with serious consequences if I left in a paragraph on what I thought would happen to a Catholic who wanted to be cremated to "deny resurrection" since the church made a big deal about that when they first issued the encyclical permitting cremation, but that's another story.



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