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hi, my famly has owned a funral home since 1907 and i was just wonting to know why you have so many vans in you fleat we have 2 coachs 2 limos and to cars we use a coachs to go make a removal why do you have so many vans????
Reasonable question - Our business is 75% cremation, limiting the need for professional vehicles like a hearse. In addition, we use the vans for ALL removals, as that is the custom "out west". I know, I know, it is completely wierd if you're from a market where hearses are used, particularly for home removals. But, we have actually had people ask us not to bring a hearse to their house.

Most of our burials are in Southern California, 270 miles from our facility, so the vans are used for transport and the service is conducted (usually they are gravesides) with a rented or borrowed funeral coach. We have few local funerals with processions, probably only 30 or 40 a year on almost 400 calls.

Another factor is that our medical examiner's facility is located in Kingman, over fifty miles away from our location.

It's a different kind of business out here, but my friends around the country tell me they are seeing more and more cremations in their markets. It doesn't take much of an increase to start affecting how many hearses and limos stay in the fleet. Thanks for your question. Come back again!



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