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my husband passed away about 25 miles from home at 5:15 in the afternoon i wasnt notified till app. 10:00 by state troopers he had my phone number on him and tags were reg to my address. i then called funeral home where he was when i arrived app. 1 hr. later they told me they embalmed him. i gave no permission and their excuse was that he was in bad shape. they also told me his legs were crushed and i read the coroners report i was broke but only a cut to left toe area on the other he only had a cut to his forhead plus multiple internal injuries but my problem is is why did they lie and embalm him and wait to tell me after they embalmed him. also he had suture marks on both of his inner shoulders on chst about 6 inches on both sides what were they from? i recieved no answers from them on that either i just have a weird feeling that they did something unlawful besides embalming without consent how do i report or talk to someone about what was done? i called the funeral home and ask their procedures and didnt tell them who i was they also have several other ones in local areas and the question was do they embalm without permission they said no that they have to notify a family member then my question is why do you think they did that? and what were the marks they did? please answer any thing you can anything will be helpful.
I would like to give you a full answer to your questions, but do not even know the state you are talking about. But, the first issue is the unauthorized embalming. Absent some unusual state statute, the funeral rule (and many state rules) absolutely prohibits embalming without authorization, especially within several hours of the death, with no apparent attempt to contact survivors. The other funeral homes you contacted were right on with their comments, so I suspect no statute would permit this practice. In addition, if this was a sudden death it would very likely be reportable to the coroner or medical examiner. Most states have laws that prohibit an embalmer from embalming a remains under the jurisdiction of the coroner until an investigation is completed.

I have no idea what the suture marks interior from the shoulders would be. In the neck area they could be the result of incisions relative to the embalming but without more information I can offer no conclusion.

Since I don't know the state where this occurred I cannot even give you the address of the licensing or regulatory agency that would oversee funeral establishments and individual licensees but would suggest that you contact another funeral home in your area for that information. Please contact me again if I can help further.



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