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I am currently enrolling at The Dallas Institute of Funeral Service, and I am very interested in becoming a whole member of the funeral service community. would you please send me information on the funeral business in Dallas, i.e. salary, rules of being a mortician and info on furthre schooling like a doctrine in this science. Thank You, Clint Carroll
This is one of those questions where I have absolutely no knowledge that could be of any assistance to you. I know nothing of the Dallas market and don't know any funeral directors there. That said, Dallas Institute is a fine school and should be able to provide you with an answer to every one of your questions.

The curriculum at all colleges of mortuary science, whether they are single purpose schools like Dallas Institute or San Francisco College of Mortuary Science or a community college is controlled by the American Board of Funeral Service Education. With some variation, you will receive the same basic education. Pittsburgh Institute of Mortuary Science has programs that interface and allow advanced degrees through four year baccalaureate programs by their affiliation with several four year colleges.

Hope this information helped. Good luck!



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