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How soon after the funeral home receives the body, is it embalmed? How long does this process take? Thank You
Funeral homes are required to have permission to embalm human remains before they begin the process. Many funeral homes, like ours, have refrigeration to attain bacterial stabilization until permission is received from the legal next of kin. (Refrigeration is also used to hold bodies that will not be embalmed because the family has selected some form of direct disposition, like cremation or immediate burial or where religious custom prohibits embalming.)

So, the answer to your question is, it could be as short as a few minutes until you talk to the family or, as long as a couple of days. Firms that do not have refrigeration have to call and talk to the family within a few hours to find out what they want so they can get started if embalming is to be performed.

If you take a look through the questions, I did a pretty comprehensive answer some time ago on the length of time it takes to embalm and some of the variables. Since I'm not sharp enough to know how to cut and paste it here would you mind taking a look at the previously posted answer.



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