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I'm so relieved to find a place to ask this question. My mother died 31 years ago, when I was nine. I never did see her dead and have always wondered what would remain of her today after 30 years. Would her clothing be intack? What might some one expect to see after this time. I don't know if she was embalmed or not. She died from ciorrosis of the liver if that makes any differenc and was 41.My sister and I both struggle 30 years later because we never had the chance to see her dead. I stronly recommend allowing children to see there deaced parents.Just out of curiosity... Do children have the right to exhume there parents for viewing what are the legal issues with this. I would be so greatful to you if you would answer these questions and any other things you may find Important. I've always been to embarressed to ask. The idea of seeing her remains does not creep me out. What is your experience with this if any. thank you in advance for your honesty and straight forwardness.
I've really been thinking about this question and have some concerns about the unresolved issues which are clearly troubling you. I really think that you are presenting issues that you should be discussing with a therapist. The fact that you are struggling with these things over 30 years later is a signal that there may be other issues that should be explored.

That said, without a lot more information I can't really answer your questions about whether clothing would be intact and what would be left of remains. Generally, courts are very reluctant to permit exhumation/disinterment without compelling reasons for doing so. However, disinterments are controlled by the states and survivors have limited rights to arrange for them. I usually discourage these endeavors because they seldom do anything to resolve the real unresolved issues.

I hope you will look to the other alternative I suggested above. I certainly don't want to offend you or suggest you have a mental disorder. The loss of a parent, particularly a mother at the age you describe is simply terrible and causes lasting scars and unbelievable pain for a child. The situation is complicated by the fact that there was very little help for a youngster dealing with this type of crisis 30 years ago. Please consider my suggestion.



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