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Does a corpes have movement after death and if so, for how long?
Well, you've hit one of my hot buttons! No, they don't. I get so sick and tired of some character trying to impress people at parties recounting tales of their brief stint working in a mortuary until they were walking through the prep room and a body "just sat up". Of course, that always triggered an immediate resignation. Well, dead people do not sit up or do anything else. The complexity of neuro-muscular activity without active participation of the brain's direction is not possible. Oh, yes, and then there is another requirement for muscles to work - blood flowing. I have heard some credible reports of minor muscle tremors resulting from the loosening of muscles stiffened by rigor mortis after a period of time, but this is virtually imperceptible to the human eye. The problem with these tales is they frighten people. They make the spectre of human beings whose lives have ended the butt of horror and fear. Here is what my mother told me when I was about 7 years old as we walked through our funeral home at night (with the lights off, by the way) "The dead will never hurt you, it's the living that will get you every time". She was right!



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