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How does the preparation of a neonate or premature baby differ from that for an adult?
Depending on the length of gestation it may be difficult or almost impossible to arterially embalm such infants. The alternative is to use a saturation embalming procedure where the infant is swaddled in cotton which is then saturated with embalming fluid. This often works as well or better than attempting to arterially embalm such tiny infants where even instruments specially designed for the purpose can not be introduced into the arteries and veins. (Since we all have children, calls to help families in this particular crisis are some of the most difficult we encounter. It is the ultimate challenge.) One other thing; it is often important for Mom to be able to hold or even dress the baby. Therefore, the saturation method leaves no suture marks. Also, the rest of the world moves on. The mother expected a baby to bring home and have for life. While we're moving on, she is dealing with one of the worst of life's problems, and often noone sees her pain.



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