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My mother passed away last week at home. When they took her to the funeral home, she was wearing a shirt and sweater. They used the fitted bottom sheet from the bed she was in to lift her onto their stretcher--they asked if they could use the sheet--they would wash it and return it. In talking with the funeral director to make the arrangements, I asked for the sheet. They indicated they would give it to me. They never did, and even though I asked a couple more times, they seemed to be just appeasing me, but I got the feeling they weren't telling me something. Also, no one ever mentioned her clothing. I didn't even think about it until after the last time I spoke with anyone. The last day I visited the funeral home and paid the balance, they returned a crucifix to me but did not mention the sheet. I felt I should just pretend I had forgotten about it. Now I can't help but wonder if there is a valid reason why they didn't return the clothing and sheet. Do body fluids or something contaminate these items? Do they have to be burned or destroyed in some way? Were they uncomfortable telling me the real reason? I don't really care about getting the items, I just can't figure out if there's something I don't know about. Can you enlighten me, please?
As you are probably aware, I don't know the facts about this particular situation so can't answer with absolute certainty your questions. I will, however, make a call to the funeral home if you would like to try and find an answer. You will need to e-mail me the firm name and city and I will check it out. What I can tell you is that most (vitually all) funeral homes have sheets on the removal gurney and shouldn't need to take your sheet. If they indeed promised to return it then they should have done just that or explained why they couldn't or didn't. One of the problems I encounter with "private" questions that people don't want answered on the site is that the questioner just wants to know. I don't know why funeral directors feel everything is such a secret. Sometimes sheets are soiled because the body has stopped working. Seldom are things so contaminated that they would require burning or hazardous waste disposal. Please contact me if I can help further.



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