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I was told that plastic pieces must be inserted into eye sockets after death to give it a natural appearance, is this true? How do you shape the hands, etc after a person has died? When clothing the deceased, do you actually put the clothes on or just slit them up the back?
The item you are referring to is called an "eyecap" and is used to keep the eyes closed. Similar to a contact lens it is designed with ridgelike outer grips to ensure that the eye will remain closed. Shaping the hands is relatively simple unless arthritis or some other disease has affected them. You just massage them as you clean fingernails to make sure they retain a "cupped" appearance, not arranged with fingers outstretched. Some embalmers take a rubber ball, cut it in half and sort of shape the hands around the curved halves. It is usually not necessary. Cutting clothing is one of my HOTBUTTONS! There are times when clothing must be cut because of weight gain that simply will not allow it to fit unless the items are cut. Often it is just laziness. Most often, if the embalmer takes their time you can dress a body without cutting clothes. We do it all the time. Yes, it takes a little longer, but, really, why not just do it right. I have also had occasions when it just can't be done. Each case IS different. Hope I answered your questions. Sorry for the delay - I was travelling.



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