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my question is how long does it take on average to do an a complete embalming process with all the draining of blood and washing the body with germocidal soap and closing the eyes and the mouth to give it that natural look can you please answer this please i thankyou
This one is tough because there are so many variables. A little old lady who dies in the convalescent hospital at 10AM who can be embalmed within an hour or two of arrival at the funeral home presents entirely differently than a person refrigerated for two days because the family didn't get back to town to authorize embalming. So, that said, please understand these are estimates. It takes 15 to 20 minutes to wash the body, set features and take care of the initial preparation. Several minutes are required to evaluate the point of injection and raise arteries, maybe another 10 or 15 minutes. The right fluids must be selected, perhaps some dye in the fluid for color and then the injection begins. If it is an "easy" case with good distribution of fluids, good arterial flow and drainage that time is shortened. During this period, a good embalmer is doing some massage to assist distribution and may also be trimming and cleaning finger nails. Throughout the process the embalmer is watching for any problems, blockage or poor distribution. If any of those things occur, additional injection points may be required and a process that might have been completed in under two hours can expand to four. If the remains has been autopsied, the arteries to each extremity must be located and injected separately. That embalming process could take four to five hours. I hope I have answered your questions. It's not how fast you do it, but how well. Time is not the issue; attention to detail, like everything else in our business, is the key to success.



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