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I like everyone else comming to your website am interested in the embalming process. Embalming is a subject not many care to speak about even though for some it is a natural process preformed on human remains as you know. I am aware that all openings are sanitized and closed could you please explain what this consists of (openings)also, does this procedure include packing canals or cavities before closing? and is the closing sutures? on parts not seen by viewers I know this question is out of the ordinary but is one I have wondered about. I am a nurses assistant and deal with death on a monthly basis. My co workers and I are waiting to hear from you.
Each embalming process is slightly different so I am forced to generalize somewhat in answering your questions. The oral cavity is sprayed with a disinfectant and the mouth closed with a wire suture injected into the upper and lower maxilla and the wires twisted together. Some embalmers, like my son, Ken prefer to use surgical thread to obtain an effective natural closure. It's a professional choice sometimes influenced by the brittle character of the bones. Occasionally some packing is required in the oral area to help make emaciated cheeks look better. Since you are in the health care field, you understand that muscles, like the sphincter stop working at death so it is advisable to use some cotton to close that area. No sutures are generally required. Embalming sets the tissue throughout the remains. Occasionally, packing is required to close cavity areas if there has been trauma or a head post where the pathologist has been required to remove part of the auditory canal. I hope this helps. I don't think it is "out of the ordinary". That's why we have the site. It's so hard to get straight answers.



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